Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That is what SL is all about.

It was late that night. I logged in, and was directly attacked by IM’s, as usual.

You start to chat from the moment you arrive on SL, and if you are not careful, you will not move, until it is time to log off.

After having these friend list problems the past few days, where there were no friends online, except when they log off, then you see them, one by one, damned, I wanted to ask him/her something and now she/he is off line, it was in fact a relieve that we could see who was on the grid. Sounds familiar?
But not today, no, today everything worked normal, as it should be. Finally.;)

Suddenly, someone was in the IM box, someone who I did meet once, someone who helped me finding the place where I took some great shots of a mermaid, asking if I was still looking for beautiful places. Of course, I said, always, and she TP’d me over to a place called “Bliss”.

Hop in, she said, once arrived at the spot, and we took off in a big beautiful balloon, over, one of the most magnificent places in Second life. She asked me, if I did not forgot my camera.
Haha, how can I forget my camera in SL?
I turned, up and down, zoom, up again, till I saw nothing at all. My screen was black.
Luckily she could still talk to me in the chat box, but I was lost. What a pity, she said, it is so nice here.
And I was struggling behind my screen, to have at least something in my sight, something I recognized, and finally I did. In the far distance I saw our balloon.

And, she asked, back on track?
Yes, I can see our balloon, but can not reach for it, I can not come any closer. But after a while, having tried every move with my mouse and the CTRL and ALT button, I saw that the balloon, I was focussing on, was not our balloon. The ride was almost over when I managed it all back to normal.;) Nice flight, she said, with a smile on her face......

Back at the arrival, she asked me if I knew other places in SL, which she did not discover yet. Auch, that was a difficult one, but also a challenge.
So I took her to the Rainforest, hoping that she would like it. And she did.
We had to look for a train, that would take us to spectacular places in the Rainforest, but the only train that we found was one under the temple (of doom?), and was not taking us anywhere. It was a little toy train, making circles, and not riding out of the building at all, but it was fun.

OK, let’s look for other spots on this island, we said to each other, and off we went, both flying to different directions, hoping to find something, that the other would like.

At the end, it was she, who did tp me over to a spot.
Come here she said, isn’t it beautiful?....
Sit down.
And because I have no poseball problem anymore, I was not afraid to try the first one, the one that was the closest to me. I sat down, and when she also pointed at the poseball, she was suddenly laying in my arms.

Well, the least I can say is, that it was a nice, enjoyable, but short evening, as she left, back to RL, where she had a volleyball training, and I had to go to bed. That is SL, having fun with someone from the other side of the world, and yet, being at your house, in your chair, behind your screen.


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