Monday, June 11, 2007

To be or not to be.....A cry for help

Poseballs in Second Life seem to be a problem for me. I have been trying to get some help from the Linden Lab, but until now, with no response or news. I have also looked into the knowledge base, but these are all general problems, not specific ones as mine.

I have also tried to log in with another avatar, and at first, this avatar had no problems, but yesterday, when I tried him again, he had the same problems.
Maybe some of the readers of this blog could help me out, as the Linden’s are not interested in the basic accounts, as I understood from following emails:

My email to Linden:
“Dear sir,
It had been some time now that I have problems with all the poseballs. It seems that my avatar only wants to sit, but does not do the animation as it is suppose to do.
Can you help me? I have cleared my cache several times already, but the problem stays the same. It happens with almost every poseball.
Please advice what I could do to solve this.”

The answer received by Linden Lab:
“Thank you for contacting Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. Our support system has
changed and we have discontinued the use of this email address. To find information on
your issue and to contact support, please visit .
Please note, information sent to this email address will not be read or responded to.”

After checking out this link, giving by Linden, I stopped at this message:
“Basic Accounts: If you are a Basic account holder, you have access to our in-depth Knowledge Base and Solution Finder. You do not have access to our Inworld or Outworld support teams. However, we're constantly improving our Knowledge Base and Solution Finder to assist Residents who are Basic account holders with resolving your issues independently. There are also a few Special Questions** for which we DO provide Basic account holders with ticket access.”

It is understandable that they only will help the premium accounts, but as I don’t know how to solve this problem, I will never be interested to pay someone or give payment information, not knowing if the problem gets solved or not. To my point of view, it would be interesting for them too, if they could help the basic accounts. Just to show, that they have a great support.
But I assume they don’t have. ;(


Tiana Meriman said...

i'm just wondering if you close your ao when you sit sometimes that causes problems. also some poseball take time to load the animation so you might have to wait a minute or so. other then that i really dont know what could go be going on. maybe poorly scripted poseballs?

Looker Lumet said...

Thanks, Tiana, for trying to help me out on this, but my ao is closed, and I even tried with removal of all the huds I was wearing. Sometimes, after several trials it works, but mostly it doesn't. So, I don't think it is because of the poorly scripted poseballs, as it happens all the time. It is getting on my nerves, I already tried everything, also clearing my temp. files. The only thing that I could try is to remove some files and see that the free capacity on my pc is more than 30 %.

Looker Lumet said...

For those who are interested, I think I have found the cause of my problems, where I have been struggling with for months now.
It appears that when I leave my glasses off, that I have no problems with the poseballs.
I need to investigate it more thoroughly, but am positive about it.
Thanks Tiana and Dalien for your great help!