Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Unofficial Complete Fool’s guide to Second Life

The Unofficial Complete Fool’s guide to Second Life, written by Foolish Frost.

This is what I found, while surfing through a lot of blogs. It is an interesting guide for those who are just starting with Second Life.

Things have changed in the meanwhile, The login place doesn’t look the same anymore, yet, all the actions of the avatar stays the same, so, again, this might be a good guide for beginners and for older avatars who are suffering from Alzheimer.;)

I have to admit, now a days you get a really good education before you are allowed to enter the grid. You have to follow four directions, and each direction will explain to you how to walk, how to speak, how to dress, how to use the chat box with history, how to fly etc…

I remember, when I first came to Second Life, I crashed immediately, while flying too far away from the initial place (was to curious, I suppose). The second time I logged in, I could already enter the grid without having learned the basic stuff. So everything I know from Second Life, is based on a self learning process, as I am sure, a lot of us, are still learning too. Every day we find a new application, a new setting, and Linden still finds it necessary to add things, where we did not ask for…..;), instead of solving the bugs.

This guide is probably only a few months old, but seems already old fashioned, as things have changed in SL. Nevertheless I would recommend this guide to all new starters, who have already found their way to this blog.;)

At that time it appears, that it was possible to build anywhere you would like to, hereby disturbing the owner’s land with prims, he didn’t ask for, and limit his own ability of building.

You can download the guide from this side as a pdf-file, and print it out.

Have fun reading it! I did….;)

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