Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Code Red Gallery opening in Second Life

CodeBastard Redgrave will open her new gallery upcoming weekend on 08-03-2007 with live dj.

Well, I look forward to see the artists, who will show their work there. The gallery will present works for sale from very talented SL artists: Marquez Tone, Hiro Edelman, Mairead Fitzgerald, HolliVals Allen, and of course Codie herself. Still 5 other to confirm.

As she says on her blog the new Art Gallery is integrated with Code Red Lounge, but also adds an additional story for more art exposition and lounging.

"On this 3rd and 4th of August 2007, we will hold a monster 24h bash, with a fat DJ lineup from 5PM LST on friday. There will be 12 talented DJs playing all styles of music, you guys will never hear such a various set. Lineup to come on this post later."

Interesting event to come this weekend.

UPDATE 08-01-2007: Code Red Gallery DJ list from Nadine Nozaki


CB said...

thanks for the free plug Looker, hope you can come and party with us =)


Looker Lumet said...

My pleasure, Codie!