Monday, July 9, 2007

Grand Opening Spin Lounge

Tonight there was the grand opening of the Spin Lounge, a club/bar of Spinneke Jewel, Coolz0r's wife on Second Life.
It was a big success, with club dancers, dressed in white bunny clothes, which indicates the comfort of this unique lounge in SL.
Spinneke, dressed in white for the occasion, was really excited by the success of this evening, and promised me, there will be more events in the future.
Being at this place, Strawberry's Premier Night Club, you could not ignore the warmth, coming out from the design, with different pose balls, where all couples can dance, and even outside, you are able to find those pose balls, for a more private moment, yet distinguished.

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JamesT Juno, CEO said...

Tried to contact you but couldnt find an email adress. Looks great !

Greetz : JamesT Juno