Monday, July 30, 2007

Gridwide Slowdowns in Second Life

Even when I am not online, I receive messages that there are severe problems on the grid. Frontier Linden reported issue's yesterday and Saturday, but it appears these problems are not solved yet. Worse, they are growing, with other new issue's.
"Teleporting" is not working properly, "Search" doesn't work.......
"We are experiencing gridwide issues at the moment. Resident may experience slowdowns or failures of search, mapping, teleporting and asset operations. Inworld L$ balances may show as Loading".
Last Saturday we even got the message "Access denied" in the login screen
, which is resolved by now.

The best thing to do at the moment is, or don't log in, or if you are logged in, don't make any transactions whatsoever, and wait till they solve the problem(s).

I think we may expect a new update very soon now.;)

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tiana meriman said...

i just log in this morning to see if it was working but nope so i just logeed off, gonan work on some content or play another game for the day.

wish they would tell us whats the problem though :-/