Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holiday time and a club that must be banned from Second Life.

During these last 14 days of July, I have a holiday, finally. But it seems to be difficult to blog regularly and be on the grid and take a well deserved holiday. There are even good friends in SL, who were wondering where I am all the time. Well, to those friends, sorry, not to be frequently online, but give me some time to take a break, and I will be back before you know it.:)
For example this past night I was just for a moment on line, but not many friends were. So what did I do: looking for a sploder for increasing my account a bit. And I found one , very interesting, already over 2000 l$ with a few players. So, I had something to do while I was on SL, besides taking pictures. But don't ask me the Slurl from this place, because I don't remember it anymore, and won't remember it. It was the most wasteful, expandable place on Sl, that I ever visited. The owner, was repeating constantly, if you were not a member of his club, you were ejected from the place, if you didn't dance, you were also ejected from the place, he seemed not to be interested in the Lindens whatsoever, as he knows the Lindens wouldn't care if someone would complain about this club. But all I can say is, DON'T EVER VISIT THIS PLACE : THE V_LOUNGE.
If you need to find public for your club with a sploder, and you than eject them from your place so you can put that money in your pocket, is the lowest thing you can do in SL.
We blog about griefers, we blog about people who take money from your account, but this may be said also; you don't start a club in SL to eject people who visit your club because they are not a member when they arrive at the place. Most of the visitors were stunned the way this owner was talking to his public. I regret to have forgotten his name, I was really pissed off, but I remember the name of the club: The V-LOUNGE. Don't ever go there. Avoid the place. This club and his owner must be banned from Second Life!
I was one of the lucky guys, I did receive my money, although with a loss, but what about the others, who paid 100 l$ to the sploder and did not receive anything?
This is not the way to handle customers!!

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