Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Law suit against Linden Lab dismissed

July, 2nd.
A French Court in Paris dismissed a complaint against Linden Lab filed by a French Group, called "Familles de France", opposed to adult content in Second Life.
As Linden says on their blog : "Today the Paris court (Tribunal de Grande Instance) dismissed the complaint filed by the French association Familles de France against Linden Lab, holding that the evidence brought by the association was unduly biased and should be thrown out."

Families de France and the Departmental Union of Families’ Associations of Ardeche alleged that Second Life features “pornographical, scatalogical and zoophiliac” content as well as advertisements for tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

This victory will convince LInden Lab that they are working in the right direction. They say that its age verification, to verify if someone is older than 18 years, will be available soon.

After the law suit against Linden Lab by Marc Bragg , where there is no outcome or pronouncement yet, this result will please Linden Lab and confirms that evidence in Internet cases must be gathered in an objective fashion, so they say.

(see French text from Reuters here)

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