Friday, July 27, 2007

My first building experience or Building Tutorial for Newbies

I thought it was time to start building some things on my own, to be creative with something else besides taking photographs. So I started to build my own fireplace, keeping in mind, that I don't have any wood to burn.
You create and edit a block, with the size you want, and you stretch it, as long and wide as you like. Then you do CTRL+D, to copy that item and move it upwards. You pay attention to the positions of both pieces. Than you edit another block, and make it your "motherboard". You stretch it and make it the same size as the height of the two blocks that you have edited before, to use it as back wall.
You move it to the back side of your fireplace.
Once that is in place, you can click on each different part, and go to "Texture", to put a texture on your project. You look through your inventory, to see if you have any useful texture to put on.
Mine wasn't good enough, as the flames, which I put later on, where coming through the back wall.
These flames where also freebies, and intended to wear at your hand. I have put four of these in my fireplace (without any wood). One flame has 2 prims, so four of these would not make it too high in total prims.
When you have put those flames at their position, you click every single item in edit, keeping the CTRL button down, and taking the back wall as last item, as that is your "motherboard". You go to "Tools" and link the items. And you have your own fireplace.
Easy huh!?


tiana meriman said...

very nice, often the simplest builds are what gives the best results. i think your fireplace looks great ^^

Looker Lumet said...

Thanks Tiana,coming from you, this is a real compliment.