Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Some tricks in Photoshop

Everyone of us, who works with Photoshop, is learning, day by day, the skills and tools of this program.
I am an amateur photographer in RL, as well as in SL, but I had not the skills for adjusting the pictures with PS. Now, in SL, you can experiment, and have direct response from your friends,how you can improve. That is one of my goals in SL, to learn and improve the skills of post processing.
So I am thankful to all my colleague bloggers who are putting tutorials on the net so we can learn, if we just have the time to read them or to see the video.
I am always looking for new things, as I see some of the artists, even new artists on flickr, make fantastic pictures, where I could only dream from.
Finding the right angle for a nice shot is one thing, but having this picture retouched is another one. That is why we need programs as PS, PSP etc.....
I have seen simple tutorials, which explain the tool very well, I have seen some bad ones, but now I have found a tutorial, which is not free, but the examples show which direction these learning processes will take you. As the developer for these tutorial, Conrad Feagin, says: "Some designers think a book or written tutorial is the answer. Maybe you have even tried this. If so, you realize this is a slow and painful process. It can take several days just to learn a few techniques, and you still have no clue how take that knowledge and actually create a final product."
He has implemented some free videos as well, as a kind of promotion, but are already helpful to learn something more about PS. For me that is anyhow.
Here are the free videos:

If you want to read the whole story that comes with it, you will be able to find it at "Watch and Learn Photoshop".

Have fun, and I hope you learn something new with these tutorials, at least I did.


Bailey Toland said...

I wish there were more Paintshop Pro tutorials out there. That's the thingy I use to make my picks look more lookable :) So far I haven't seen anything, it's all about Photoshop (well I'm sure there are some but I'm way too lazy to look further than my regular blog range :)) So, as you said, I guess I just have to learn as I go. Sometimes, a pic with great potential ends up tragically...but we're all human, right? ;-)

Looker Lumet said...

Bailey, I used to work with PSP, but as the most tutorials are about PS, as you already pointed out, I changed and installed Photoshop.
And indeed we are all human, but don't worry, you are doing more than just fine.

tiana meriman said...

i just bought a book on photoshop this will be great to go with it ^^

Looker Lumet said...

I am glad if it could be of any use, Tiana.