Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthday party for Spinneke at her Spin lounge

Last Sunday there was a party in the Spin Lounge, as every Sunday. But this Sunday, it was something special. Spinneke Jewel gave a birthday party with a very big strawberry cake, where she was dancing on.
The Strawberry cake was obvious as the Spin Lounge is situated in a sky box of the Strawberry SIM, where some of the visitors have their home, like me.
Coolz0r and Spinneke were dressed up for the occasion, and gave the best of themselves to make this evening, one you would never forget in your Second Life. And I think they succeeded, although it will be very difficult to remember, as all Sunday evenings at the Spin Lounge are unforgettable.
Happy Birthday, Spinneke!!

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