Monday, September 3, 2007

Campingspots in Second Life

I was told yesterday that you have to pay now a days, for camping spots. That is, you pay a certain amount, and you will have to stay at the same spot for a particular time before you start earning some L$.
Where are the days?
I remember, when I started second life, that I was camping too, for my first L$. It could take several weeks, before I had some L$, enough to buy me a very cheap item, and then camping again, for the next item.
I know, some of my friends are still camping, but me, personally, no thanks. I don't have the patience for that, and I hope I will never have to camp again for a few Lindens.
Well, I was checking out the SLtopsites, to see if by any chance I had won the monthly award for the third time in a row, ;)), and thought, why not visiting last month's winner Kabalyero's blog.
And here I found something that can be interesting for some of those friends who are still camping.
Check it out, the list of camping spots in second life, thanks to Kabalyero, maybe they will become history in second life, as the camping rates are dropping down by the minute, as it seems.

  1. Club Innocence, Narugo (228, 215, 76) - Current rates are 3L$/10 minutes (Dance Pads and Cage) and 2L$/10 minutes (Camping Bench).
  2. Lucilin Castellum Shopping Street, Lucilin (139, 75, 25) - Great camping rate of 4L$/10 minutes but it will require you to response to a dialog box query every 2 minutes or so.
  3. ! ACID CREBIZ, ACID CREBIZ (140, 214, 21) - Awesome Korean Sim. Camping rate is 3L$/10 minutes but it’s always full of people.
  4. DIVA Mall -Shops for rent 200L$/, Valkyrie (44, 71, 66) - They have various camping rates. The highest is 4L$/10 minutes and the others have random rates of 1L$ to 3L$/10 minutes
  5. RedDragon - Mall & Club, Bug City (50, 59, 24) - Camping rate has gone down from 3L$ to 2L$/10 minutes
  6. Sunbelt Software Island, sunbelt software (168, 239, 22) - Camping Towels are at the beach and the current rate is 2L$/10 minutes
  7. Lora`s Paradise Club, Dodam (179, 149, 301) - This is a great club that offers 1,000L$ as contest prize. The camping pads pay 2L$/10 minutes
  8. Business & Shopping , Tamaqua (72, 113, 23) - Current rate is 2L$/12 minutes
  9. Turkiye, Turkiye (125, 165, 23) - This is a Turkish sim so you might not understand most of the people there. The current camping rate of their Camping Benches is 2L$/12 minutes
  10. !All New Universal Square Mall, Omega City (47, 181, 32) - High camping rate of 4L$/ 10 minutes but you are only limited to 24L$ a day
  11. *** -={{ BDG }}=- BiGG DoGG GAMING -={{ BDG }}=- *** - Club VIPs get 3L$/10 minutes camping rate others get 1L$/10 minutes
  12. Psyche.Love.Butterfly.Perfumed., Prospero (50, 159, 25) - Current rate is 1L$ and 3L$/10 minutes
  13. The Hive,Waterfront Lane, Wasp, Wasp (173, 137, 74) - Rate is at 2L$/15 minutes
  14. Botany Bay Treasure Hunts campi, BotanyBay (150, 113, 22) - Camping rate is at 5L$/15 minutes and they have this Treasure Hunting thing going on
  15. Turtle Cay Residents, turtle cay (180, 210, 22) - If you are desperate then you can camp here for 5L$/30 minutes

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Kabalyero said...

Thanks Looker, I'm always looking for camping spots and I post them at Kabalyero. I like those camping spots that are not too popular. Popular ones tend to be very laggy. Ouch! :)