Friday, September 28, 2007

Miss Belgium Second Life 2007-2008

Yesterday, the elections of Miss Belgium Second Life 2007 took place at the New Mardes Club in the Belgian Sim.
As expected, a lot of people attend the show, or at least tried to attend, as, you can imagine, the lag was terrible.
I was asked to sit in the jury, which was an honour for me, together with Spinneke Jewell, owner of the Spin Lounge Club, and Ron Curtes, of the Mardes Club.
As I was sitting on the stage, I could see everything from the first row. That is what I thought. But as soon as the crowd was getting in, the lag was enormous. Ron did crash several times, and I even missed the first part of the show, I did not even knew how many contestants there were.
I could not move, could not take any picture, and even Spinneke did not want to talk in IM, afraid as she was for crashing in the middle of the show.
When AnnSophie, organiser of this event, asked to start voting on the contestboard, the board crashed, and everyone had to vote with a notecard.
Nevertheless, we may say, that it was a major event in the virtual history of Belgian's Second Life, with a great success and a beautiful winner.
Everyone will have to take his lesson after such an event, to take precautions, when possible, for the lag, and certainly forbid the repeatable gestures, which were very annoying some times.
Congratulations though to the organisation, because it was a very beautiful event, and congratulations to all the contestants, but especially to the winner, Ninake Benelli, miss Belgium Second Life 2007.

You will be able to see all the pictures of this event at my flickr stream, in the set of Miss Belgium 2007.


Anonymous said...


I think it was not so easy to take pictures...that evening with lag

Veronique said...

Sorry to be cynical.. but if there was that much lag, and even IM conversations seemed to be difficult, how could the candidates be judged on anything else then avatar appearance??

Which here in SL, is even more then in RL just a matter of spending the right amount of money on skin, hair, clothes and poses??

Looker Lumet said...

Veronique, as you know, and even without lag, the judgement would be based on the appearance rather then the intelligence of the candidates. They only received one question, and the answers were rather short, but it is all a game, or isn't it?;))
It is an avatar that has be chosen, and I don't know if Miss Belgium 2007, Ninaake Benelli, is the one who spent more Linden dollars on her avatar as all the rest. But I think they all look beautiful, as it is supposed to be, and next year...perhaps with voice?;))

Veronique said...

"..the judgement would be based on the appearance rather then.."

..and that is somehow a pitty.. because, while Second Life gives us the opportunity to do things different, all the time I see signs that real life clich├ęs are not only confirmed, but even enhanced..

but who am I to blame.. me to, many times I just go with the flow..

its only human to be human I guess.. even when pixelated..

Looker Lumet said...

Veronique, the way it happens might be the same as in RL, but I am convinced that, in this case,the candidates were never in their lives in a beauty contest, and never will. So, SL will give, finally, more possibilities to the avatars than they ever could have in RL. And that is what SL is all about, not?