Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Operation 'Pink For Life'

With this article I would like to contribute to a good cause. I think it is worthwile to pay a little attention for this event, which is completely supported by Concept.SL in second life.

"In a sequel of last year's operation "100 women for life" which gathered 126 famous women in favor of breast cancer fight, the cancerology Institute, Gustave Roussy, first European research center in cancer research, is launching in October 2007 : "Pink For Life". This operation is organized to raise awareness about breast cancer, during Pink October, international month for the fight against breast cancer.

October 9 and 10, 2007 on the Champs Elysees (Paris), will be organized an exhibition followed by an auction of exposed items. Items are donated by famous fashion designers and luxury brands. All Items and artistic creations will share a common point: they have to be pink !
Come visit us with your friends, dressed in Pink of course !

ConceptSL organizes the Second Life side of this event :
The staff of ConceptSL will duplicate real-life exposed objects in Second Life. The virtual objects will be exposed in the exhibition hall of our Second life island : Elyseum customized for the operation. The virtual exhibition will take place October 9 and 10."

"To facilitate the RL objects reproduction and the setting up of the
SL exhibition, the "Pink for Life on SL" operation will take place
at the same time as the RL exhibition : Oct. 9 and 10.
Instead of the "auction sale" of virtual goods we will give away
pink ribbons "Pink for Life on SL",and set up a donate box in the
exhibition hall to receive donations in L$.
We are offering the SL designers community a chance to help in
setting up all this by "lending" their pink objects, which will
be exposed along the RL reproduced objects.
Selected designers will also be put forward during the entire
operation on our website :
In order for us to reproduce a maximum of RL objects, and to
enable more SL designers to submit their creations, we are
extending the submission deadline to October 4th. Please send
pictures of your objects to
(If you intend to participate please send an IM to Yogi Huldschinsky
to facilitate the organization).
As usual you can find all the details on the dedicated webpage :
P.S. : we are still looking for models and stewards/stewardess
to wear the clothes during the exhibition and also to answer
visitor's questions.
If you are interested, please send us an email :"

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