Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rankings of Second Life blogs

I was telling before that rankings are not that important to me anymore. That it is difficult to maintain a good average, without having a lot of time to spend on good articles and finding the sources for that.
Well, I have to admit that I still check every day some ranking lists, to see if I am still there. To see how I can improve, despite what I said some days ago.
Blogging seems to be attractive to me, as I keep blogging regularly, but kept my time, spending on it, as low as possible.
In June and July my blog was on top in SLTopsites, but apparently, now, another blog took over the lead, and found a way to maintain there. I can imagine how he does that, but for me, that is not the way. Yet it is still interesting to be on top of that list, when looking at the hits for my blog.
Then, there is another ranking where I was paying attention to. The Blog Top 40 of Second Life.
It is maybe not very SL like, even the top blogs are only referring to other blogs, so they don't write articles themselves. But yet, it is still an accomplishment to be in that top 40. Some fellow colleague bloggers are in that list from the very beginning, as they are Vint Falken and Dolmere Talamasca. Other well known blogs are also mentioned. And I am proud to tell you that I am still in that list, among those 40 top blogs.
Since a couple of days, the SLtopsites is on that list. I wonder what they are blogging about?;)) So, what value has this site? How many blogs are taken into acoount for this ranking?
I was checking some friends out, where they were, and found out that there must be over 1000 blogs, taken into this ranking list. So, I am well aware, that some day, I will be nr.1000 or so, but for the moment this blog is within the top 40. W00t!!
To my opnion, it is another ranking, but with no value. It is fine to be in the top 40, but when I see other blogs, posting regularly some articles, not to be in the top1000 of that same list, and blogs, only mentioning other blogs in the top 40, then I have my questions...
It must be fun, to post articles, not an obligatory work. That is what I am doing right now, to post an article about something that came to my mind. And not searching, and spending time , just to find something to blog about.
Now, I take the time when it is there, to read my friend's blogs. Maybe not the same day, but I will read them.
And when it comes to ranking, well it is good to be up there, and I will keep checking them, and try to stay where I am, but being realistic, there will be a day when it is finished.
In the meanwhile I keep having fun on the grid, taking snapshots, and blog about my thoughts.


Timothy Lilliehook said...

Well, after reading this I checked out the SL Top 40 Blogs site, not expecting to be in there at all. But as a curious cat, I had to use the search function and what did I find? Yesterday, I was place #1001 on the "Star Wars" list ... what??? When did I blog about "Star Wars"? I can't remember even mentioning it, but I guess I have to check my old entries now ;)

Chloe Streeter said...

>In the meanwhile I keep having
>fun on the grid, taking
>snapshots, and blog about my

Sounds like a great way to approach SL and blogging to me :)

Veronique said...

take care Looker..
dont know if you followed it, but Vint started an avalanche / tsunami by checking if and where she was on a list..

dont know if you want that here..

and as chloe said...I think that IS the right spirit... better then to worry and doing whatever in order not to loose your ranking..

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you for your support, once again, Tim, Chloe and Veronique.
It has become a habbit, to check those rankings, but I have noticed too that when your blog is known, the regular readers are coming back, no matter if you are on top or not of any ranking. And there is no price to win, is there?
I really don't have the time to keep up. When I can, I will blog, but I am trying not to make it an obligatory. I say, trying.....;))

Sand Posthorn said...

I'm a starter-up, so maybe what I'm going to say is a bit naive but... when you have all those words inside of you fighting to burst out of your head what do you do ? You can graba the nearest piece of paper and risk to loose it anyplace. Or you start a blog and let all those words come out, even if you're the only one who reads it...