Monday, September 10, 2007

Virtual tourism in Bruges, Belgium

Press Release

Second Life, 7 Sep 2007. When planning your next city trip, you might include Bruges, Belgium, on your list this year. But before visiting Bruges, don’t forget to visit Virtual Bruges in Second Life. Virtual Bruges is a reconstruction of the historic city of Bruges. Walk around in a 3D virtual representation of a central part of Bruges and explore the old houses and monuments before planning your real life city trip.

During your visit of Bruges in Second Life, ask other Second Life residents information about what historical places to visit, which shops and restaurants to try out. You might not yet taste the food in virtual Bruges, but you can select those restaurants that are in a nice environment.

Created in 2003 by Linden Lab, Second Life is a virtual world where people all over the world meet each other to exchange ideas, property and other digital goods. Also 3D representations of houses and stores can be recreated in Second Life. Several other companies such as IBM, Sun and ABN-AMRO have opened islands. Even sports events, such as the Wimbledon tennis championship, were recreated and the matches were played again in this virtual environment.

Residents of Second Life can participate in events the will be held in Virtual Bruges, rent a house or the more business-minded residents can open a shop in one of the houses. To rent a house or shop, contact AnnSophie Maertens in-world. The island (􀀃) will be open for the general public on 15/Sep/2007.

On this opening weekend you can participate in the following events:
- 15 September 2007 :
9 am slt fashion show styled by the designers in the sim with live dj
12 pm slt live performance of the Belgian band Grensgeval

- 16 September 2007 :
9 am slt live performance of Dann Numbers
12 pm slt live performance of Phoenix Fisseux
1 pm slt fireworks

During the whole weekend there will be a egg hunt: you can win 20 x 125 linden dollars to spend in the shops in Bruges.

For being updated about the sim, the shops, the events and special offers feel free to join the secondlife group Bruges lovers.

Virtual Bruges in Second Life is created by Louis Platini, a long time resident, who recently brought, a recruitment service company, to Second Life. Several other people have helped with this project by creating one or more houses: Peter13 Petermans, Magdalena Vella, Khady Amat and Arnout Sequent.

For more information contact Louis Platini in-world or visit the website

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