Monday, September 17, 2007

Wedding of Elise & Yves @ Second Life's Bruges

Just one day before the official opening of the virtual Bruges in Second Life, Yves Welles and his love Elise got married in the new city hall.
And, as it was supposed to be, witnessed by a lot of avatars who where invited to join this special occasion, everything was in place. This must have been a wonderful experience to Elise and Yves, one they will never forget.
Two SL photographers where asked to put this occasion into an unforgettable collection of snapshots. Vint Falken and me were honoured to do the job.
It was not the most easiest job that I have done so far. The place was very laggy, and I hate that. My camera was most of the time not at the scene, where it should be, and to get it back in place was terrible. And then there were these poseballs.
Have you ever tried to take snapshots of something, while the place is full of poseballs, and trying to avoid these, or having the balls secured at a minor important spot?
Well, finally, I think we both did a fine job. But I would like also the opinion of you, my readers of this blog.
The complete set is to be found on my flickr stream.

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