Friday, September 7, 2007

What is happening with the SL bloggers?

I have been posting about it some times already, and it keeps coming back. The pressure is apparently too high for some of us. As Veronique nicely put in a comment: another one bites the dust....
For the past months I had to delete several blogs from my favorite links. And I did not notice it before I went to look for it. So, no blog, no article, no goodbyes, nothing.
I know it is difficult, I know you all (you bloggers) think nobody is interested in what you write, but that is not true. There are some people who are interested, maybe only a few, but that is enough to keep the spirit alive. If you have something to share, why not share it through your blog.
You started a blog, so we assume you like to blog, to write articles, you like to tell the world what you are thinking about something. And that is a good thing. I am over it now. I know what my interest are with this blog. And I will keep blogging, as told in previous posts.
But I would like that others do the same. Why did I put a link on my blog? Because somehow, I found they had something to tell, and I was reading their blogs as well.
And why did they not tell their readers they were going to stop? Did they leave SL for ever. Did they just stop the blogging?
It is not because I have someone in my links, that the writer is also in my friendslist in Second Life, as Tiana Meriman also was wondering about offering friendships to one other. She also have changed her point of view concerning blogging, and it did become her well, at least I think so.
So I would like to ask to my readers, if you know what happened to Bailey Toland, Jooney Jatho and Tameryn Banshee, please let us know.


tiana meriman said...

i dont know what happened to them but i know that sometimes you just get tired of blogging or you simply dont have time so you simply just delete it.

if my blog wasnt about my creations but about me i would probably have stopped blogging by now. my blog isnt really one, its more of a tool for me to keep track of my progress.

i can see though how it can become a pain to open yourself on every entry to tell people you dont know your deepest feelings and thoughs. eventually you'll just get tired of it. i truly believe that blogging is a phase thing, you eventually just grow out of it.

Joonie Jatho said...

Hi Looker....

Thanks for missing me!

I have started my blog again. Missed it too much's hard to explain.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you.

BTW, Bailey Toland has left SL for RL. :(

Looker Lumet said...

W00t, it did not miss his goal!!
Glad you are coming back, Joonie;))
And Tiana, you are probably right, byh saying it is a phase thing. I feel it likewise, but am not at the end right now.;))

Veronique said...

Lack of time, inspiration, who will tell..?

I started one, some weeks/months ago, and I posted only once..

I have/had pages of notes, ideas, impressions I wrote down the first weeks I was really (daily, for hours) in SL.. and wanted to blog about all this stuff.. but..

Transforming these loose ideas into something readable, and interesting, not only for myself but also for the "public" is more time consuming then I thougt.. time I also need for other things..

Also, the pace in SL is very high.. thing of interest today are old news tomorrow.. in SL even more then in RL..
A lot of my notes are meanwhile overtaken by new events, people have gone, situations forgotten..

so.. bye bye blog..

This doesnt mean I dont write.. but I find it more appealing commenting on other peoples blogs..

Nothing but advantages; I can delight the world with my opinion, but there is no pressure to write.. there is no fighting the writers block or the desperate search for inspiration..

Ideal for a lazy frump like me..

Looker Lumet said...

Well, veronique, I am glad you do put your comments here and there. Always nice to read your point of view on particular subjects.Thanks.;)