Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Blog Readibility Test

What level of education is required to understand this blog?

In Second Life most of us speak English, but there are still avatars from different countries who does not speak, or can not understand this language. But as the majority of residents speak this language I decided some months ago to blog in English, even knowing that it would not be perfect, but I thought at the time that I would reach the most readers by posting the articles in English.

I saw this test some weeks ago, and just today I thought to try it myself on my blog. The result is satisfying, but don't know how accurate, as I checked other blogs too.
Timothy, who also conduct this test on his blog, had a "GENIUS" result. Now, I have double checked his blog and came to the same result as this one, "COLLEGE (postgrad)".
I won't tell you the other blogs which would only need a "JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL" or "HIGH SCHOOL" degree.;))
But as I said, I don't think it is accurate, because some of these bloggers performed the test on their blog already with a totally different result.
But what is satisfying, is that at least my blog is understandable. Imagine if the result was "KINDERGARTEN".;))

The question is of course: would you have to be a genius to read the blog? Would you need a college degree to understand this blog? Does that mean I use too difficult words? Or is my English too bad to understand?;)


Zippora Zabelin said...

I can't remember what my score was, but I do know that I wanted to forget as soon as possible ;-) (no it was NOT Kindergarten).
I also tried my flickr page and it was even lower. I think this test is not looking at the text itself but comparing the amounts of text vs. quantity of pictures.
And as this can change with every posting, you have a explanation for different results when you do the tests on different days :)
So.... am I going to post less pictures on my blog to improve the test result or not? :P

Looker Lumet said...

Maybe you're right Zippora, about the text and the pictures. After I posted my article, I did the test again on, which is a belgian blog, written in Dutch. Guess what; It gave the same result as my blog.;)
So my advise to you is: don't change your blog. Just keep doing what you are doing. It's just fine. When it is not readable, you wouldn't have any visitors. Right?

Joonie Jatho said...

LOL....I think you were refering to my blog when you said Jr. High...hahaha

At first I was Now I think it's funny. I had a lot of fun in Jr. High! ;)