Monday, December 17, 2007

B.Places in Second Life

Last week I received a note from the Avatrait Gallery with the request to vote on the B.places voting box, standing in the gallery.
As I saw the box, the logo came immediately to my attention, as it was so familiar. At least to me. I can imagine that not everyone inworld would recognize the "b"logo. But me, as a good Belgian, saw the sign of Brussels Airlines. Could that be correct? Has Brussels Airlines made his entrance to Second life?
Yes they have, and what a great initiative.
Discover each week exciting locations and visit new exclusive worlds.
They provide a top list of b.places. Places that have been suggested by avatars, just like you and me. So, after a while, you will get a pretty good view which SIM you should visit.
On their website, you can find a newly popular place list, the top 20 and the new b.places.
"Brussels Airlines has created this website, together with a set of tools, to promote rapid and easy travelling to top destinations of your choice."
When you wear the free HUD, you have the last visited spots directly on hand, with some other features.
I only saw the link to Brussels Airlines this weekend, and that is why I post this article only now. But I am sure, as a photographer, I will enjoy seeing the best locations.(when there is no lag, of course;))

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