Saturday, December 8, 2007

Career makers in Second Life (part 3)

Preciousse Moody had a concert Friday evening at Portucalis, a Portuguese SIM in Second Life.
This artist has never performed in RL before, what is a shame, because if you would listen to what she sings....many well known artists don't sing that beautiful as she does.She is a Canadian artist, who only plays and performs on Second Life. The songs she sings are covers and original songs.She only did 6 performances until Friday night, but I think her future agenda will be full.

Preciousse did sang some encores at Portucalis, as the audience was requesting her to go on with the show. And the last one she did was really exceptional. It was one from Whitney Houston, I'll always love you.
The way she sang that song was really get the shivers...;))
I can only say, that with this artist, a new star is born, and it would not surprise me if she will get in no time a contract for the real business in RL.
If there are any producers who read this article, please go to one of her shows, and you will see, it is no waste of time.
In the meanwhile I have been watching three shows of her in the past few days. Really amazing.
If you can not wait and want to listen to some of her songs , visit her MySpace.
For more pictures of Preciousse, visit my flickr site.


Winter said...

Thank you for being there Looker. In fact Preciousse is an amazing performer and I really hope that she gets her CD soon.
We will keep on bringing great performers to Portucalis and you are always welcome (but you know that already *winks)

Looker Lumet said...

yes I am Winter, thanks for the invitation. It was a great evening.;)