Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Career makers in Second Life (part 4)

Sinatra Cartier, aka Rick Ellis performed yesterday evening at the Playboy SIM.
Thanks to a tip from a friend I went to see a show of his, not knowing what to expect. But during his one hour and a half performance, I truly became aware that the man singing in front of me was the one and only impersonator of Frank Sinatra. If it was Frank himself who stood there before us.
The looks of his avatar could be better, but his voice, and that is what counts, was really amazing.
Apparently, this artist is not a one day fly. He is already performing songs of Frank Sinatra for over 20 years. He knows what he is doing.
His avatar has been on the grid from 2003, so he did already quiet some shows here in Second life.
In RL he already performed for actors Don Johnson, Robert Wagner, Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper, Sidney Poitier, and many others.
You can check out his RL website, or his Second Life site through this link.
Convince yourself by listening to his version of "All of me".


Sinatra Cartier said...

Thanks Looker!
...for the super review of my show!

I also LOVE the photos you took.
Great work!

I have linked to this article from my website www.SinatraCartier.com

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you, Sinatra! I will come back, to see one of your next shows!!