Saturday, December 8, 2007


Evanston, IL "12/07/2007 "
There's a hot new place on the Second Life nightclub scene, CLUB MANNEQUIN , a "Fashion-first" club has opened, and is having its very first weekly runway show on Saturday, December 15th at 1pm SL time.

CLUB MANNEQUIN is more than just a "fashion theme" club, it's a fashion hub for real-world designers. Hundreds of real-world styles have been being "built" in-world to be featured in the runway shows and the "Mannequin Showrooms" which will be exhibiting the clothes of the club's various designer partners.

And not only can your Second Life avatar wear the latest "club" and "urban" styles, but partiers can also link out to the club's web site and either bid on unique designer items or order the real-world versions of what's available in the Mannequin Showrooms at the site's Mannequin Boutique.

Featuring top DJ's, an awesome light show, great dance animations, and lots of special events, CLUB MANNEQUIN is sure to become one of the most popular places in Second Life. Club aficionados will certainly want to check out the Mannequin VIP program, to guarantee access to all the fashion events!

Starting mid-month, CLUB MANNEQUIN will have a standard program of weekly runway fashion shows, featuring the styles of their "name" designer partners, plus additional shows and special events all through the week. One unique feature will be the "charity auction" shows, where designers will show their one-of-a-kind pre-season prototype items in their virtual versions on the club's catwalk, and have the unique originals available on the web site's auction page.

And, the "between worlds" shifting does not end there, as CLUB MANNEQUIN will be featuring contests for in-world Second Life fashion designers to have their designs manufactured in real-world versions which will then be marketed under the club's own label! Details of all these exciting new fashion ventures will be available at the club and on the website, as they become firmed up.

Don't miss CLUB MANNEQUIN's Grand Opening runway fashion show and party on Saturday, December 15th at 1pm SL time!

CLUB MANNEQUIN can be found in-world in Second Life at:

The club's website, with more information and features, can be found at:


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