Thursday, December 27, 2007

I have been tagged for....Slex questions

Apparently, the Second Life bloggers have found a new game to write articles, just tag one and other, and you have a story.
As I told before, I don't like these games, and I was thinking about not to answer. But I won't spoil the fun.(fun?! for who?;))
I was already happy, that nobody had tagged me for this, but Joonie did. Oops..she did it again, lol.
Now to tag the next bloggers with this questionnaire will be tougher than to answer these questions.
Going through these questions, I already would answer the same on many of them, but I will try to diversify a bit.

Name the avatar that you would most like to have second life sex with for…

1. … their avatar: Tymmerie Thorne

2. … their mind: Bailey Toland

3. … their poetic/mystical/creative spirit: Cienega Soon

4. … their social success/success in SL: Shoshana Epsilon

5. … their libido: Inex Dix

6. … wanting them to go against type for you. That is, if they are normally a top, you would want them to be your bottom, if they are straight and you are same sl gender: Chloe Streeter

7. … and you would go against type for this: Lady Arwin Demina

8. … and you would most want to do a nothing-but-sex week with, who you are not currently having sl sex with: Winter Wardhani

9. … and you want a threesome, which two. They don't have to be from the above list, but can be: Ryker Beck and Tymmerie Thorne

10. … "The forbidden," the one that, you'd like to publicly confess to, but the consequences would be toooooo awful. Examples would be your best friend's partner, a professional contact, someone you know rl who is here… Someone who you want, but have never been able to confess it too. Don't post… Just answer with whether they are online right at the moment that you post your answer: no, not online

11. … nostalgia reasons: Wilma Miles

Sorry for those whom I have tagged, but I was forced....(ok, just a little bit). Don't take it too personal, ;))

That was the easiest part, now I have to tag others....and I tag Tymmerie (obvious), Chloe, Winter, Amanda and Zippora.


Amanda Shinji said...

Thanks for the tag, but I've refused to do this for someone else too...

I'm very happy, I don't think about others so it's not fair for me to fill this out, even if it is fun...


Tymmerie Thorne said...

LOL...I am flattered, Looker! Tagged, huh? Duty accepted! :-P

Looker Lumet said...

I understand Amanda, don't worry.;)
To me, it is just an article with no specific means.
I am curious Tymmerie, ;)

Inex said...

/me making a giftbox, putting in a bit off my libido and sending it to Looker Lumet for New Years-present :) LOL

Zippora Zabelin said...

I was already expecting that this one would reach me one day... ;-)
And I've been thinking about the answers too, and I honestly don't know what names to fill in.
I'm happy, so sorry: no response this time :)

Looker Lumet said...

Glad to hear you're happy Zippora, but who said we are not?;))
Still waiting for your gift box Inex.;))

***I want to emphasize that this article is just for fun, no person are meant to be offended, so if someone is, please accept my apologies.

Ryker Beck said...

Why does everyone wanna have a threesome with me??? LOL!

Chloe Streeter said...

*points to number 6*

Awww, you'd be *so* disappointed ;)

Looker Lumet said...

You are going to be busy, I guess Ryker, ;))
Chloƫ, do you really think so? Doesn't matter though, I like you you all as you are.;))