Friday, December 28, 2007

A Neko in Velvet Underground......

Yesterday evening was very strange to me.
I was all alone in Second Life, without my girlfriend, who had some troubles with her pc , so I thought not to stay very long on the grid.
But suddenly I was invited to a new shop of Duivel Cnoche, who now has a big store where you can find various clothing for women as well as for men.
While looking at the men's clothing and drinking a glass of champagne, I got an IM from another friend who had some trouble with the television, asking if I could be of help. And, as a good friend, I went off to see if I could help him out with his television, which I did.
I have thrown the tv out and put a slide show frame instead. Problem solved, ;))
Since my victory at the Avatrait Gallery, last Sunday, I had the chance to meet the runner up, Lady Arwin Demina. And she is quiet a woman.;)
The other day when I met her, I saw her changing as a neko woman. And I could not resist to give her a compliment about her looks. Now, yesterday, I suggested to take some pics of her.
Well, the least I can say is that she has the looks.;)
Looking for the ideal place to take the snapshots, it was obvious that we chose Velvet Underground. A terrific place for neko's and perfect for pictures.
As this was done in a short period of time, I wonder what I can do, spending some more time with LadyArwin.;))

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