Friday, December 21, 2007

Photoshoot in Second life - Born to be wild

I have taken some snapshots on demand this week.
Sometimes you can find a whole family on the grid, and when they are close, they regularly meet inworld. Now I was asked to take some pictures of the brother, together with his friend online, and his family. As he is an admirer of bikes and sports cars, it speaks for itself that I had to take some shots with a bike or/and car.
In the beginning I was not enthusiastic at all about the pics I have been taken, but after some post processing, I think
at least some of them are worthwhile to show, although I have uploaded the whole shoot to flickr.
Once and a while I am asked to do a photoshoot, which I do with pleasure, as every subject has different wishes, and me, as a photographer, has to find out what to do with it, to be a little creative, and that is exactly what I like about it. Because some of the days , it is hard to find the right subject on your own, when you are not exactly in the mood, but those jobs, like this photoshoot, gives me the right impulse to proceed with what I am doing on Second Life. Trying to take some nice shots, that can please everybody, in the first place myself, and in the meanwhile learn how to use the programs.
And, as I have experienced these past days, that learning process doesn't come always from the same corner. Motivation, by getting compliments from an unexpected corner, might sometimes do miracles. ;)


Winter said...

The photos are great Looker. Congrats once again on the great work you are doing :o)

Looker Lumet said...

Thanks Winter! As said, some little words can do magic..;)