Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snapshots in Second Life : Art or just pictures?

post processed image

I have been taking snapshots in Second Life for several months now, because I like doing it, and I wanted to learn in how to post process the snapshots afterwards.
After all these months, I was wondering where to draw a line between nice snapshots and beautiful images, post processed by someone who knows what he is doing in Photoshop or so. And the competition is growing, I can tell you that.
Now, I am very pleased with what I learned, and I use the skills already in RL, in my daily job.
But I am wondering what is suppose to be art in Second Life.

No post processing (just the name added)

I use to make snapshots, and try to make them as nice as I can, from different angles, with a special view etc....and use the post processing just to blur a bit, or to manage the colors or the contrast a bit more. But these pictures are not comparable with images, which are post processed, and where the post processing makes the image.
Now, pictures, which are not heavily reworked are to me, or could be, art as well. And here I want your opinion.

just adjustment of contrast,name and frame added

Could snapshots, made without or just a little post processing, be art or not?
As example I have put some of mine pictures here, but these are not here as a standard.
Once you have decided which pictures are art to you, the next question will be, is this art also art in RL? Would there be a market for this kind of art?
These questions are perhaps not very important to you, but could be decisive for me.


Zippora Zabelin said...

The art of photography starts with taking a good snapshot, no matter SL or RL. A good photographer distinguishes from others by having an eye for original perspective, composition, contrasts, colours, etc. Postprocessing is only a tool to adjust little failures (or add a frame and name).
To my opinion, images *made* by postprocessing are another branch of art. Though I have to admit that the line between the two is blurry sometimes.

I think the first, SL photography, will only be interesting for SL residents. But the second, digital art based on SL pictures, will also be interesting for other people.

Luna Zolnir said...

All starts with the definition of 'art'. What is art? Is it an impression one person gets and tries to express and beautify or intensify, no matter the tools he uses?
It can be a pencil, a brush, a camera, photoshop...
In that case...yes, good SL snapshots are art as well.