Sunday, December 2, 2007

Summer & Winter's Second Life Rezzday

Last Friday the twin sisters Summer and Winter had a ball for their rezzday. I must say, a totally different approach for having a party. And a party is what it was.
With some classic music and Frank (Sinatra) , we danced and had fun for quiet some time, although I did not understand a word from the Portuguese language, but then again, neither did they from my Flemish.))

Fortunately I had another Belgian to talk too, and we could take revenge by talking Flemish. Largo was his name, and was Winters' boyfriend.
Thank you Winter and Summer for the invitation, it was a great party, you both were "Sissy" for that night.;))


Ryker Beck said...


You have been TAGGED!


Zippora Zabelin said...

You're tagged!
Oh damn, I see Ryker was faster :(

Winter said...

Thankx for being there Looker... though all that Flemish made me dizzy - or was it the tango? well I was dizzy hehehe