Sunday, December 30, 2007

What is the matter with us?

The last days I have been post processing some Second Life images. As my avatar has changed, I wanted to put that in a picture, which you could also see in my previous post.
Now, I have been asking to work on that idea, and I made two extra pictures with that similar idea, and posted it to flickr.
Apparently, someone, and it is supposed to be a very dear friend of mine, has done a picture like this one some months ago, and she had the idea again from another RL photographer, and is now upset because I am working on that idea too, although with a total different meaning.
What I am trying to say is, that we, by looking at the flickr stream of our colleagues photographers, may work on another idea, to my opinion. As long as we don't steel the image itself.
If my work is better or worse doesn't even matter, if I think it is good for me, than it is.
Flickr is to my knowledge a site where people can encourage others, by commenting the work of colleagues. I never ever once gave bad critics to another picture.
You don't expect this, at least not from your friends. When they have something to say they can do that in IM or by email, not in public, on flickr, to other friends of mine. Than you are going too far.
Now, I am deeply disappointed in this happening, so I have decided to step away from all this. I will keep on doing what I was doing, as I am grateful to the friends who keep encouraging and supporting me, but I hope that everyone will use their common sense in 2008.
If I will continue to post articles to this blog, remains to be seen.
Yet, it seems that all people are very, but very fast upset in Second Life, and I don't like that. It all began with fun, but where is it ending? Thank you Second Life, I prefer my first life, where I have real friends.

For your information you can find here the three pictures, so you know what I am talking about.
The inspiration started with a rl picture.

Josh Sommer's "Stepping out."

Bella March's ""Break out Bella"

Looker Lumet's "Look(er) in the mirror"


Freggeltje Food said...

Hey Looker,

Ik begrijp volkomen jou reactie en vind 't jammer dat mensen niet altijd begrijpen wat jij bedoeld met jou foto's en al meteen denken dat je iets van andere afkijkt..ieder doet zijn/haar ding!
En wat jij doet is goed en daar blijf ik bij en zo zullen er veel over jou prestatie denken...wat de rest betrefd die moeten eerst eens leren te apprecieren wat anderen bedoelen en 't is nog altijd jou blog en jij doet wat jij goed vind niet een ander!!!!

Doe verder waar je mee bezig bent..

Liefs Freg

Joonie Jatho said...

I'm sorry that happened, Looker. I've been experiencing the same sort of thing with "friends" and it is not fun at all.

Maybe it's just holiday stress. I'm hoping the new year will get us all back on track.


Looker Lumet said...

Thanks Freg and Joonie for the support. It has been quiet a week already, and it even didn't start yet, ;))

Tymmerie Thorne said...

The idea of a person stepping out of a book or television or a picture frame or a mirror is not a new one - certainly not conceived as new by anyone living today. It is an iconic image - something that can be considered, for lack of better words, public domain. If someone wants to get upset, they should time travel back to 1985 and yell at Norwegian band a-ha who took the same idea and used it the video for their hit 'Take on Me'. And really they'd have to go back a lot further than that to get to the first person to ever imagine someone stepping off a page/frame/image. Artists should seek to inspire each other, IMHO. I think you put your own spin on the idea, Looker.

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you Tymmerie for your point of view. It is appreciated, and was my thought too, that I did nothing wrong, but probably there is more to it than I can imagine right now.
Maybe she is not only upset about the idea, maybe the real reason lays more deeper, something where I am no part of it, but happened to stand in the middle of it.

Loki Popinjay said...

Well Looker, I don't know what Bella put as a comment on your Flickr stream since you deleted it but I do know that the way you portray her now is as far from who she is as can be. She may have been upset by something or other but just as you claim she shouldn't have put a comment on your picture you shouldn't have taken a magnifying glass to it by blogging about it. My view may be skewed as I consider her a good friend but it still feels to me like the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe you should have asked her why she wrote the comment and settled this in private instead of exposing her as some sort of wicked witch she isn't. I think that's what a real friend would do. Just my two cents ...

Looker Lumet said...

Well Loki, thank you for your comment, and may I say, that Bella was a very special friend to me too. But was it not Bella who should contact me in the first place? What did I do wrong?
And guys please stop this, Belgium is already a small country, what did I ever do wrong to you all?
I still hope that everything can be worked out, as I still strongly believe that I have no guilt in this all!!

Winter said...

Like in RL, SL does have people that first we consider friends and then, by one reason or another, turn out not to be. Or at least don't meet the concept we have of friend.
That doesn't seem a reason to give up things or even to stop doing what you feel are right.
Just don't forget that friends do exist, in that unselfish and sincere way that only true friends are able... in any life.
Kisses and a great 2008

Raul Crimson said...

Looker, i don't know Bella, but i know you enough to say i'm sure were no bad intention.

You were inspired by her as she was inspired by Josh Sommer's image.

I don't know what she said to you exactly, but i agree that the best way is not doing in a comment.
Sometimes i think there is a lot of people in Flickr (maybe myself included) that take themselves too seriously. I can understand you can be upset if someone uses YOUR image as his/her (it happened to me once, a resident posted in her stream my photo, not a similar one... was MINE, she downloaded it and posted it). But if i create one image and somebody uses it as inspiration i will honored, specially if that person includes a link to my image.

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you Winter, for your supporting words, I know friends do exist...;))
Raul, to be honest, I have only put a link to Bella's picture on my blog, but indeed, I only used the inspiration with another goal.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Looker Lumet said...

I just read Bella's post on her blog
To speak or not to speak

I can understand exactly what she is trying to say, about the Avatrait Gallery,and feel sorry for her, but I still think that it was for the best to remove her comments from my flickr page, as this does not belong there.
When the critics were just to me or my picture, I would not have removed them. I can take that, if it is well founded.
I will believe her, when she says it was all because the person of Avatrait had put a supporting comment on the flickrpage, that she flipped at that time, knowing the background of the story. It is all a coincidence that it happened on my flickr page.
So, I accept the apologies of Bella, and hope we can be friends again.

vint falken said...

Was a special friend? If she ever was a friend, you would not just delete a comment for a single step of what you think is the wrong path. You would talk & get over it. That's what friends do. Else friendship is nothing but egocentric.

BTW. March 2, on Flickr, Vint's Out of Bounds. Actually, the whole idea is not new, neither was it started by Josh Sommers.
First time I ever saw this happening, and where humans, animals and objects jump out of their boundaries 'en masse' or the contest called 'out of bounds'. First contest held: february 2002.

vint falken said...

Silly me forgot the link to the contest:

Out of bounds I
Out of bounds, most recent contest

For all interested in some decent Photoshop work, the top 10 of each of those contests (and the 8 inbetween, and the H2H matches, and the movie versions, and the literlisms, etc.) are surely worth checking out.

Looker Lumet said...

Oops, Sorry Vint that I forgot to mention you. So foolish of me.
But is that not the intention of my article? That the idea is not new? That I only used the same idea?
As Tymmerie also said here in the comments.
And sorry Vint, true decent friends don't write such comments on blogs or comments to pictures.But, in the case of Bella, I believe she did it in a moment of angriness.
But I accepted her apology, as you could read in my last comment, I even have notified her yesterday for that, why do you have to light up the fire again?
Thank you anyway for your comment, and the link to some wonderful PS pictures, they are again a confirmation to what I was saying.;))

Vint Falken said...

Bella mentioned my name in the blogpost, so I felt entitled to comment. And even if she did not mention my name and awoke me by that - I feel djini in the bottle like now - I would have mingled in anyway.

What I am trying to say here, on the friends part, is that either you are friends, are you are not. You can not 'temporary un-friend' someone. (SL friend lists asside.) So, we're friends again - if it is not said in a joking kinda way - is probably one of the most lame sentences throughout mankind's history.

And that as being a friend, you too, and not only Bella should have reacted different. Given her the time to cool down, talk to her, ... in stead of blowing this up. Really, I fear Todorov was right when he says we all enjoy playing the victim that much, and that it is not popular anymore to be a hero.

'I accepted the apology...' Oh, a hero after all?

As far as I know, friends say apologies are not needed. Or do SL friendships differ from RL ones?! And then why the hell are we calling those persons 'friends' and not for instance chat buddies?