Friday, January 25, 2008


press release

Evanston, IL

Following the very popular start of their in-gallery art
classes with this weeks "SL Art 101" presentations by
Ryker Beck, AVATRAIT GALLERY announces the next series
of continuing art programs, this one addressing Art
History. This program will be presented by new Second
Life resident Hitoshi Mayako, who in real life has an MFA
from University of Chicago and is on the staff of the
prestigious Art Institute of Chicago.

Hitoshi Mayako is an accomplished educator with over
ten years experience teaching, and an articulate
communicator who has effectively brought arts education
to diverse populations of students at a variety of
academic and skill levels. Over the course of these
on-going presentations Hitoshi will discuss the
development of art from the earliest expressions of
human creativity, though the various cultures of the
world, East and West, detailing assorted artistic
"movements" and on into the present with radical new
forms such as Second Life art.

The first of these Art History classes will be on
Tuesday, January 29th, at 7pm SLT, with a subsequent
repeat(date and time to be determined) at an hour more
convenient for European S.L. residents. Other monthly
programs will also be premièring soon, and schedule
information is available at the gallery.

The Avatrait Gallery
features Second Life's most outstanding artists, one
of whose works are featured every month, with exclusive
collectible one-of-a-kind framed images available
in-world, and high quality framed prints available
through the Avatrait web site (
for real-world display.

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