Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crash, Crash....Crash.....

Since the last update of the Windlight first look viewer, since I have upgraded my RAM memory, I crash more than ever before. Last Sunday I crashed even 5 times in a row, without even having done a thing, as I already posted this week.
Yesterday evening I crashed again, logged in, went to the place I was logged out (crashed), and once being there, I crashed again. This happened twice at the same spot. It is getting on my nerves, believe me.
Now, when I tried to log in again for the last time, I received that beautiful screen, with on one side, the screen of a PC, and on the other side the Second Life logo. You know what I am talking about, that new screen, telling people they can not connect to the grid for some reason.
I tried once, twice, nothing happened. So I rebooted my system, and tried again. What did you think happened?.....Indeed, the same screen.
As I was trying to log in with the Windlight viewer, I thought, maybe it could work with the normal Second Life viewer, and yes....that worked, without the slightest problem.
And you know every time you crash, and you start again, you get that message if you want to report the crash. I used to deny that message, but this week I thought, if I never send this message, how on earth would Linden Lab find out that I am crashing. So, I pushed the "send" button, and waited, ......waited.......and waited for receiving the confirmation that the message was sent. But nothing happened, so, after 5 minutes, I aborted the action.
Now Linden Lab has an interesting site to look for your problem, if it has been reported earlier: the Knowledge Base, where you will find no answers to your problem.
Reading an article the Daily Evergreen, Victor Graf, the author of the artcle, wrote some fake answers to real questions from the Knowledge Base. And that is exactly how you should handle your problems with Second Life's technical problems.;)

But don't be mistaken, although I might be frustrated by crashing so many times, I am still determined to keep on trying until there is smoke coming out from my pc.;D


Winter said...

Geeez Looker, at first I thought you have been spying on me, then I realised you were talking about yourself *winks

Since the last update I just tp and crash, wait till my account is available, stand still and crash, wait till my account is available...

But lag is not as bad as it was... got to see it from the bright side! hehehe

Looker Lumet said...

Yes indeed,Winter, it is amazing how we keep seeing these embarrassing crashes from the bright side, and have so much patience. With any other product or program, I would have gone crazy.;))