Monday, January 14, 2008

Multiple viewers at the same time?

Torley Linden wrote a post on the official Linden blog about how to run multiple viewers at the same time on Second life.
Now I was wondering why you should use multiple viewers, as to me, one viewer is difficult enough, without crashing. But I know some avatars who use more than one avatar at the same time.
According Torley the following usages could occur:

  • Reproducing bugs (like VWR-3123) that require more than one avatar.
  • Attending two “can’t-miss” events in different locations.
  • Filming movies (machinima) with another avie as a “stand-in”.
  • Transferring and organizing inventory between accounts without having to log on and off repeatedly (waste of time!).
  • Talking to yourself. ;)
The first one is probably the most effective one, for reproducing bugs that require more than one avatar.
Attending more than one event, would only be interesting if you don't have to be as one avatar at both places.
Filming movies....than you have to be a real lonesome avatar, not having friends who could help you out to make the movie.
organizing your inventory....if one is a mess, than the other will not be any better, but for transferring money, it could be useful.
And why not talking to yourself on a lonely night??? Yes, that would be it, when there is nobody left on second life, and I need a chat. That will only happen when the grid is down, but then again, I can not log in....euh?

But apparently there are more people interested in this tutorial, and I was wondering why.. Can anybody tell me, besides these above mentioned points, as these are not limited, why we should log in with multiple viewers? As told, it will slow down your PC......


Mare Novi said...

I've made some couples dance poseballs and have used multiple viewers many times to test them. Even on my elderly (well, three years old) computer, I can do it without too much lag to be usable. Now if I can save up for a dual-core 3 GHz system...

Anonymous said...

I was just running three avies this morning, setting up pose balls. I find that running the Onrez viewer and the Second Life viewer is the easiest solution.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Ummmm..maybe having a threesome with your alt and another person? (JUST KIDDING!)

Chloe Streeter said...

This would actually be helpful for me on my story blog. Since I have been doing it solo so far, it's difficult to create scenes with more than one avie. This would prevent me from having to take multiple pictures and composite them together later.

Winter said...

People also use multiple viewers for camping and making some extra Linden$.

As for filming in machinima with multiple viewers that can be quite difficult due to lag.
To have a decent shoot, one must have a minimum of 25 frames per rate and with two viewers at the same time it isn't easy to get that rate. But guess it also depends on the computer and connection...

peluda said...

finally you can have the everlasting love of the partner of your dreams .
" omg we have so many things in common ! amazing!. where were you all my life!!, and the s*x is amazing too!!, he/she really knows what i like " ! :-P

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you all for those comments. It is interesting to know that, besides having SLex with someone who knows you inside out, (Peluda, Tymmerie,;)) these multiple viewers can be interesting for other purposes too.
I can understand Chloe, that this can be useful for your new blog, (which is really good BTW), to take the pictures in one shot.
Also, Mare Novi, are your poseballs for sale?
But as told, I will not try it, although it seems that it can be very useful in some cases (and no, I don't mean the SLex, lol), because I have already problems with one avatar opn the grid. Maybe I should expand my RAM memory. Something to work on..real soon.