Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reminder: Free Inworld Classes at AVATRAIT gallery

"SL Art 101 is aimed at introducing photography in Second Life to the beginning photographer, as well as highlight the many useful tips, tricks, and advantages to learning to use the snapshot tool effectively. Covering everything from basic graphics settings suggestions to simple color correction, this one hour introductory course aims to promote the creation of art in Second Life while providing a few helpful points along the way. "

This link will get you right in the class.

I am afraid that the European residents will have to be patient for such an opportunity , as, even if they would be interested, 6.00 PM SLT, is a rather impossible hour for them.

Read the press release from my previous post here.

1 comment:

Daequix said...

I so want to be there, but doubtful I'll be home from work at that time......if i'm lucky, and drive fast? noo, bad idea ;)

Thanks for the update on class time and date though Looker!