Monday, January 7, 2008

Second Life artist: Daequix Scarborough

After having some quiet days, without being pressed to an article for my blog, ;)), I am now back on track, and will try to entertain you all with some new facts, articles, pictures, news etc.....for the next.......days?weeks?months?y.....
To start this new year, I want to draw your attention to a fellow photographer, who was also at the SL4B, where I was already impressed by her works, and had an interview in the SL Herald, right before new year's eve.
The reason why I thought it would be interesting to blog about her, is that I saw my name mentioned in that article. More than reason enough to make acquaintance with one of the leading ladies in SL Art, Daequix Scarborough.
I won't copy the whole interview, but picked some parts out of it, just enough to get you interested to read the whole story at the SL Herald.;)

-What is your artistic background? Did you work as an artist before SL?
- Really only as a child/teen- it was frowned on in my family for me to pursue it..... so went into nursing.

- When did you start creating digital artworks?
- Umm, didn't even know how to use Photoshop when I came to Second life in May of 2006. My boyfriend, Solivar is a graphic artist so he's taught me many of the tricks of the trade over the past year or so.
- Do you make mostly portraits?
- Mostly......but I also like to set scenes as well.

- Which kind of scenes?
- Often shoot in Straylight, Apollo Gardens...... and I very much like to work with some sort of fantasy environment if I can work around the area's visitors.

- And which kind of scenes you set up?
- Well for Apollo I set up one called “Slave to the Sunset” has an Asian Influence to it....and was part of a series. It depicts a very rich sunset which took a lot of post work to get it right.....In addition I shot another one in there, “Final punishment”, it is a death scene....this was influenced by the strong Gorean Society here......
- You have been working as an artist since two years. which differences you see in your earlier and newer works?
- My earlier works were often mistakes....but sometimes wonderful mistakes.... I am not more technically able to produce what I want...and often times I can go to the shoot with a picture in my head of where it will end....other times it takes me where it will go. I am now more technically I mean to say. My skills have gotten stronger.....but I still have so much more room to grow.

- Which are your favourite works, I mean among the ones you made?
- Well, some of my very favourites are “Magic Lantern Dreams”, “Slave to the Sunset”, “In Waiting” and most recently “Morning Delight”.

- In SL are there enough museums for SL art? which are the best?
- There are so many but I haven't visited all of them...again Avatrait has a very nice representation....Code Red , September McKinney's, The Cannery is brilliant.

- Which are your favourite SL artists?
- I would say that Stephen Venkman is one of my favorites......Gita Rau. Hmmm there are so many honestly I don't know that I could name them....Codie, Shoshona, Corbett Howard, Looker Lumet....

Would you like to know more about this artist, read the article in the Sl Herald, and follow her moves on flickr, she is really an exceptional artist.

Just like me, she started without the knowledge of Photoshop in Second Life, and , although she had a little help from her friend in post processing, has grown to a real SL artist.
The last answer in that interview, if she is a more a painter than a photographer, is also what I feel about my works, as we all try to take a really good shot as a photographer, before crafting the picture.

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