Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Second Life is after all a very small world

It was an evening like all other evenings, except perhaps that I had to rebuild a part of my house, which had, accidentally, been deleted by someone. Lesson: never clear your inventory inside my house.;)

But what was more interesting that night , was that I received an invitation from a friend, to attend a speech from a Russian professor about the movie “The Golden Compass”. As I am always interested in the movies in general, I thought this could be interesting, also for a story, to blog about.
When I first followed the TP, I crashed. (yes, even with my extra RAM memory,;)). I came back, but the TP did not work either, so for the third time I rebooted again, and succeeded in getting to the right place……after 15 minutes.
The discussion was already on going, when I arrived, and I was trying to figure out the basics of the answers and questions. But, besides the fact that I was following the debate, I noticed the language the man spoke. It was English alright, but with a particular pronunciation. Now, I hear you thinking….of course…it was a Russian professor.
But that was not the English of a Russian. I told my friend that it could not be a Russian professor, but she assured me that he was.
As stubborn as I am, I went through his profile, to find anything to prove that he was as much Russian as I am. And what I found out, was beyond my expectations.
He spoke a “Flemish” sounded English, that was clear to me, so he had to be Belgian, which he was. Secondly, I found out that he was born in the same town I was.
That was not all, after his conversation to the public, I went in IM and what appears….. we have some common acquaintances in RL, haha.
He is a professor all right, at a university in Belgium, and teaches to future Art teachers. And yesterday evening he was giving his interpretation about “The Golden Compass”.
There are a lot of pro’s and contras, as we use to hear with every movie. But we can summarize it by saying that it is an easy to be continued story with not a real statement, except the maybe hidden attack against Christianity, but this is not so explicit as in the books. Others call the movie based in a true story that is captivating, sophisticated, and truly interested, so it is an excellent sophisticated story that is very well told.

The trailer of the movie can be watched here.


Freggeltje Food said...

I gonna tray my best Looker
for Lesson 1: never clear your inventory inside somebody's house.;)



Looker Lumet said...

I know you will, Freggeltje, never mind though, everything is back in place.;))

Winter said...

And they say that tehre are no coincidences ;)

Sepaking of which, I just finished reading Philip Pullman's Book (Northern Lights in the original) and since the first time I read the trilogy - this is the second reading - I thought it would be great to bring it to the movies.

Just watched the trailer... just like I imagined it by reading the book. Definitely a must see for me. Thankx for bringing it up :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, about the inventory (and house) cleaning... ;-)

Yes, Second Life can be really small, but as RL, i met people in NYC born next to me and with common friends when we were childs.

Peluda said...

i met a girl in a USA based bluesclub in sl who was born in the same town as me. we both remembered ,from childhood ,a huge explosion in a factory because windows broke at home. }8-)= yes its a small world.

Looker Lumet said...

It was difficult for me, following the debate about the movie, as I did not read the books, neither did I see the film. So, Winter, it is a must see for me too, with all that background information that I have now.
It is yet amazing, Raul and Peluda, how such coincidences occurs in SL as well as in RL. And these occasions make life, whether it is SL or RL, exciting.