Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Teaser for Second Life series....

The past week you may have seen some pictures on my Flickr site with the beautiful Noelani Nahama. She had asked me to take some pictures of her for a project she is working on.
Now she has released a teaser of her work, called "The Nine Deaths of Alex Black".
It is about a story, situated in 2035, where, as you already could guess, the world is nothing but chaos, famine and disease. And then there is Alex Black, a female assassin kicking some serious ass, according the writer's words.
After seeing this trailer, I am really impatient to see the series, it looks very promising. The way the camera moves is quiet impressive. Okay, and Noehami will forgive me by saying this, it is not the professional movie trailer, but it has some potential, I think.
Certainly something to watch closely in the near future.

Not necessary to say, that you will be seeing more of our work together in the future.......more to come.....

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