Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Upcoming Art Events in Second Life !!!!

You better watch out for this weekend if you are interested in any kind of art, whether it is sculpture, photography, music, paintings, dancing……etc..

It will start this Friday, February 1st, at the gorgeous QTLabs Entertainment Center as well as in sim shopping at the 42nd Street Mall, with Live Bands, Live Dj's, Artist and Vendor exhibitions!

Update: Quantum Tribe Laboratories will have live entertainment 24 hours a day starting from 4pm Friday the 1st right through until 12 midnight Sunday the 3rd!

Featured Artists include:
Komuso Tokugawa (playing each night!)
Streeter Nation
Grateful Stryker
Mikelec Criss
RockPianoman Pienaar
Rosdrop Rust
Jaggpro McCann
Mimi Carpenter
Capos Calderwood
03restes Larsson
GRENSGEVAL Belgian Live Band
Edward Kyomoon
The Rails Band
Maximillion Kleene
Starr Singer
Ohmy Kidd
Nikita Lumet
DJ Kay Binder
VLB Virtual Live Band
Mich Rumpler
Matthew Perreult

Live PQE-Js including:
Master DJ Lysander Lemuria
DJ QTLabs Apogee
DJ Hyperbole Beaumont
DJ NTropy Sellers
DJ Shintoryu Allen
DJ GypsyDoctor Donat
DJ Selena Botha
DJ Redminx Winx

In sim shopping with Particules FX; Bella Dutton Designs; Groovygirl Designs; Social Butterfly & X-ist Essentials Home Furnishings!

QT labs, an American full service Virtual Integration company offering all services necessary to successfully integrate any size company or organization into the Second Life environment, is organising this “Positive Quantum Energy (PQE) Festival””

It was Corinna Cortes, from “Snowtigers”, who is also co-organiser for this event, for the European part, who has informed me about this, as it would be linked to another event, which is coming up this weekend, the ArtProject 08.
Snowtigers is a group in Second Life for wintersports, and has a place of their own on the grid. It is an international community with 1200 members! in SL, and has activities such as snowboarding and icehockey. They also have art events, with musicians performing, sometimes DJ parties, and a gallery. Some artists are exhibiting in this gallery, and I have now some of my works too, with a direct link to Lily’s gallery, where I have my exhibition of some of my other works, which are a part of the ArtProject 08.

That is also the purpose, to link the Art at this event to the Art of ArtProject 08, which will be the subject for my entry tomorrow.

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