Monday, January 28, 2008

What a weekend !!(2)

Maybe this is a good title to describe what has been happening the past days. I will use it in the future for my recent experiences on the grid.

My weekends seem to be very hectic lately, as it was not different these past days. And not everyone is happy with these circumstances.
You can imagine, if people ask you to do a photoshoot on the minute, and you have to leave suddenly. But sometimes this request is justified. I know, sometimes you just have to say “NO”, but you will always have exceptions….Nevertheless, I do understand the people who dislike this kind of behaviour, and respect that.
To assure you, I do work with an agenda most of the time, ;))

Last Saturday was a day to remember, as Freggeltje and I had our rezzday party….huh….yes… I could not wait until the 29th….;)), but Freggeltje had hers 14 days before mine, so we decided to have the party together, past weekend.
It started with the private performance of Preciousse Moody, and the dance party at the Spin Lounge right after. No need to say that is was rockin’ time, with music from the 70’s and 80’s, together with our friends. I am curious to see how many rezzday’s will come in the future ….will I still be here next year?
I won’t tell you about all the up’s and down’s from the past year, but let’s say that it was fun being there on the grid, and it still is, especially among friends, which is still the main attraction for me to have it going.
Thank you, my friends, for being there, and for those who missed it, …see you next year !!…;))

Yesterday I attend the class from Ryker Beck at Avatrait. I have to admit, I did not expect it to be so professional. You even received the whole class in a briefcase, to study at "home", lol. These classes are certainly worthwhile to look out for in the future!

And then we have that project…that event. It was rather a quick decision, but as I told you last week that I had met a Belgian Art Professor, he introduced me immediately to his coming project: Art Project 08, and I have some of my works exhibited in this event. Let’s describe it as a gathering, a gallery of many artists of different kinds. Music, Poetry, Paintings, Photography, Sculptures……..and not only from SL, but also from RL. In fact, most of the Art here will be from RL. But it will be an ideal opportunity to meet some great artists.
I will post more of it later this week, as it will start this coming weekend.


Winter said...

It was indeed a great weekend Looker!
Congratulations again for yours and Fregg's rezzday and I am sure many more will come ;)
As for the classes on sunday they were great yes. Got to learn a little bit more about photography in SL. Too bad I don't have photoshop to post process the photos and do wonderful art works like you do (is that me at that great "ambarish" photo?)

Please tell us a bit more about the coming art events and if you need any help just let me know :)

Joonie Jatho said...

Looker, happy rezday to you both! I can't believe I missed the party! :( If it matters, I also intended to attend the class on Sunday...and was not able to do that, either. Hope it happens again.

And yes, tell us more about this art event! Sounds very interesing.

Daequix said...

Happy Rezzday, Looker! I have to agree on the class comments, it was so professionally done, and my little briefcase is sitting in my inventory for review.

Looker Lumet said...

Winter, yes , that is you in the picture, ;))
I know Photoshop is expensive, but you can also download GIMP for free, which is also great to work with, according some photographers.
No problem Joonie, as Winter said, there will probably be more rezzdays to come for Looker, and concerning those art classes, there are more to come for sure, starting with the class about Art history today at 7 PM SLT.
Yes it was Dae, and it is always nice to see so many familiar faces at those events.

Winter said...

Geezzz, you really make me look good ;)

And I'll download that GIMP application. Until now all of my pics come straight from SL snapshots... hope I can start to do some art on them too :D