Monday, January 21, 2008

What a weekend !!

What a weekend! What a week!

I have lost friends in the past week, but found some old ones back. With lost, I don’t mean completely lost, but they will not be on the grid anymore. And found…..well…..a dear friend from “Doornroosje”, the group where it all started for me one year ago, crashed heavily a couple of months ago. But after quiet some time, he logged in from time to time at a cybercafé, he bought himself a new laptop and is back on the grid since the beginning of this year. Welcome back Julio!

And yesterday evening, somebody knocked on my screen in IM, who I thought was never to be seen in Second Life anymore, but was not gone all the time after all.

And no, I am not talking about chat buddies, I am talking about SL friends!;)

The good news about this all is….that there are some new projects in the pipeline……

As you already could see on my flickr site, I have been busy taking pictures for Noelani’s series “The adventures of Alex Black”, of the complete cast. More and more I get the feeling that this could turn out in one major hit. Not for me, but for Noelani.
The place where it all happened, is one that I discovered some months ago, and is the ideal background for this series. Quiet, beautiful, no lag……, I won’t tell you where, you can figure it out yourself, as the name has been posted somewhere earlier, but want to let Noelani do her thing without being disturbed.

And then the big “reborn”!!! The best is yet to come, but I went this weekend to a shop, to buy me a 1Gb RAM memory card. Waw, what a difference. I should have done this ages ago. I only had 512 Mb and crashed all the time, could not do two things at the same time. Or I had to stay on the grid, or I could surf on the net, but both….forget it.
Unfortunately they had only one “old” memorycard in stock, as I was looking for two DDR cards. But from next weekend on, I will have two extra 1Gb RAM memory, which would give me a total of 2.5 Gb instead of 512 Mb, and I hope some extra speed too in processing.

So, the coming weekend is one to look forward to, and not only for the extra card..;)


Daequix said...

I have to say that this entire series on Flickr captivated me even without knowing at first what it was in regards to......Superb work Looker and especially look forward to seeing what comes of Noelani's work as well!

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you Dae, take a look at the trailers of Noelani, and you will see how promising it is.

Summer Wardhani said...

Finally had some time to go through your blog... it had been a month or so since I had done it last time.

You're on the right track, believe me. And I'm sure you know lots of us are right here waiting for your next move :D... soooo, give us more and more and more ! :D

Looker Lumet said...

Shame on you, Summer. How dare you, one month??? ;))
Glad to have you here, you know that!!
And yes....there will be more to come, that is why I am in Second Life.:D