Saturday, March 22, 2008

CosmoGIRL, There and Marketing in Virtual Worlds

From Metanomics:

This Monday, March 24th, 2008, at 11:00AM-12:00PM SLT (2:00-3:00PM EST), Robert Bloomfield and Metanomics will broadcast from to discuss CosmoGIRL. We will be joined by:

- Morgan Brooks, Associate Promotion Manager, CosmoGirl! (CG_Host_Morgan)
- Michael Wilson, CEO,
- Mary Ellen Gordon, Managing Director of Market Truths Ltd.

This esteemed panel will be moderated by Accounting Professor Robert Bloomfield of Cornell University Business School and will discuss:

- CosmoGIRL's plans in There, their vision for success
- CosmoGIRL's upcoming 'virtual prom'
- How There provides support for ComsoGIRL
- Marketing in virtual worlds: demographics & psychographics
- Personnel changes at Linden Labs
- Effect of Wall Street financial crisis on investment in the virtual world industry

Monday's event will take place in, at the CosmoGIRL stage. It will also be broadcast in Second Life on the 4-Sim CMP Amphitheatre on CMP Island as well as by our event partners, and filmed and streamed live on

One of the event partner locations:

Venue: MetaPartners Conference Area
Host: Frans Tomsen
Notes: MetaPartners is a Belgian communications company, specialised in the B2B integration of virtual and real world communication tools

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