Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dinosaurs extincted in Second Life

I was witness of a great spectacle on the Liberty Sim last Thursday!
The Dino's were going to be extincted, and was announced in all Rezzable media. So, I had to be there, but there was a small problem...I could not get there.
I visited instead the Toxic Garden, which is a great place, but did not really visited it yet, because there was something bigger going on at the moment.

Once out in the garden, I tried to move my camera over the trees to the neighbor sim, where the dinosaurs had a wonderful life, until now. They had to be eliminated in a way: meteor showers, acid rain a colored space mothership crashing between the skeletons.
Nothing seen something like it in Second Life before.

It was great to experience that my camera could go as far as that sim. I could even make close ups of the avatars who were watching the event from the different stake outs.
Unfortunately I arrived a little bit late, and before I realized what was going on, and set up my camera for all those different things, although it was repeated several times, the show was over.
It was not easy to move the camera as I wanted, not everything was rezzed in time to take the shots, but I managed to make some wonderful memorable pictures from an already milestone in the history of Second Life.
More of my pictures can be seen on the flickr stream or also on the Rezzable flickr stream.

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Joonie Jatho said...

Looker...congrats! I cannot believe I missed it! ugh!

I will go by tonight...if my little brain can remember. im me inworld! lol

/me shakes her head