Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The one million dollar idea!! Dedric Mauriac into the finals!

On December the 20th I posted a press release from OSRAM, who had introduced a contest for a one million dollar idea. The special feature of the contest was that the best idea will not only receive a prize, but will also be turned into an actual product in real world. The lucky winner will receive a million Linden dollars for the development.
One of the first readers who reacted on my blog was Dedric Mauriac, a colleague blogger, and he participated the contest.

I received a short message from him, just a while ago, that he was given 75.000 L$ by OSRAM, and that he made it to the finals!!

Congratulations Dedric!! And good luck in the finals!

A glowing star

article on bloghud:

"Assembling my pieces together, I created a large star as a lawn ornament in my million dollar linden idea. I even created a chunk of grass patched with dirt under it to demonstrate how the support piece is inserted into the grass for more stability. This has got to be one of the most prim-heavy models I have ever made. I had to work with micro-prims to get all the the LED's small enough to size down to the products actual size. When I was originally working with the star, I had different pieces for each angle. In the end, I made one piece that as adjustable to fit any angle. This made the star easier to assemble. A cord that powers the star can be seen behind it running along to the wall."

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