Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spin Lounge is no more!!

Every sunday night there was a party at the Spin Lounge. I even advertised for some of those parties.
I had my rezzday party at the Spin Lounge, with the performance of Preciousse Moody. I think it was the only live performance at the lounge club. Well now, it is no more.
The islands Strawberry and Peachez were sold by Coolzor Courier.
The Strawberry island was sold to our new landlord, Arifi Saeed and Peachez to an SL real estate company.
Arifi Saeed is Research Director, Second Life®, for Canopus Research Inc. The headquarter is located on the Long Island sim.
The company offers industry analysis and market research on the IT industry broadly.

I met Arifi yesterday for the first time, as I own a piece of land on Strawberry and some details had to be discussed. You know, new owners, new rules, ;))

So, it will be no more Strawberry island, which was already confusing, as the name existed already, but it will be called Canopus island in a couple of days.

The near future will tell if I will still have my home there, as I was not able to do anything this evening on Second Life® ;), and I could not reboot due to maintenance (???? on a Sunday??) of the grid, or crash of one of the servers.

In the meanwhile I keep hearing confusing voices about the ® and the™. Nobody knows what the future will bring us. The more I think about it, the more I believe that they (you know who) will urgently need a new marketing adviser, where they will listen to!!


Arifi Saeed said...

Hey, Looker, just by way of minor clarification, while I did buy Strawberry from Coolz0r Courier, I did not buy Peachez. Coolz sold Peachez to an established SL real estate company and, shortly after that, asked me if I would consider buying Strawberry. So I did. And it has not yet been re-named to Canopus, since the Lindens have not actually processed the sim transfer yet. That should happen within the next few days.

But I most definitely do intend to keep Strawberry Island (the recreational aread in the middle of the sim), including Goa Tiki Beach, intact and operating as usual. In fact, I hope to make as few changes as possible there, except those that are essential to making the sim financially self-supporting.

Cooz0r, for reasons of his own, was willing to subsidize Peachez and Strawberry very heavily with his own hard-earned money. My objective is to make Strawberry (which will become Canopus) at least cash flow neutral for me. I did not buy the sim to make money, but I don't want to have to loose money on it, either.

I will be delighted to work with anyone who wants to work with me to try to make the sim self supporting while, at the same time, keeping it as close to the super place it has alwasy been as possible.

All the best,

Arifi Saeed

Arifi Saeed said...

Oops, two typos. Secon line of the second paragraph should real "area" rather than "aread" and Coolz name at the beginning of the third paragraph should read "Coolz0r" not "Cooz0r". My bad! I'll try to proofread more carefully next time!


Arifi Saeed said...

Er... make that "Second line . . . "

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you Arifi, for your clarification. In fact I did know that you did not buy Peachez, but forgot it while writing the article.
BTW, you don't have to apologize for the typos, everyone can make those mistakes, and we all know what you are trying to say, even with the typos.;))