Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Any complaints? Nooooo......can't be.

The Second Life® economy is doing well, and does not appear to be affected by the slowing economy in the US, thanks to us?!
If we have to believe the official site, the economy in SL® is still growing. It had a major crash after the gambling ban, but ever since, it has been growing.
So, if the Lindens have to analyse the figures they are posting, there is nothing the matter, everything is going just fine. The number of users is growing, the Lindex volume and money supply is growing, the owned land mass is growing, so why should they be bothered by us? By our questions, remarks, proposals etc....?
Of course they don't guarantee the accuracy of any information, but if this info on their site is not correct, which one is?
With a peak of 66.468 users online at the same time, we can only hope that grid will be more stabilized soon.
Yesterday, I lost all my messages, due to the fact that I was logging in, and got the message that I had to leave in 30 sec. for the restart of the sim. Saving all the messages is not possible yet, you can rapidly, without reading save the notecards, but you have to remember the names or subjects to find them back, as my "recent items" is not working properly already for a long time.
On Sunday, I was running over the water, without being able to stop, without pushing the buttons. I did manage to take some snapshots though, but the quality was poor, due to?(I don't know, it was a high resolution shot with very poor quality)
Okay, I know, it is Second Life®, we can aspect that.

So why bother Linden with this? Everything is going just fine.....;) according the latest data provided by Meta Linden.

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