Friday, April 11, 2008


Press release

Evanston, IL “ 04/11/2008 “ AVATRAIT GALLERY,
Second Life™'s premier site for Digital
Impressionist art, has recently undergone a
major renovation as part of the on-going
upgrades to the Simuality sim. They are very
pleased to announce the resumption of monthly
features with an exclusive showing of images
by noted artist Shoshana Epsilon, starting
with a gallery re-opening celebration on
Saturday, April 12th, at 1pm SLT.

Shoshana noted on her blog:
"I've been working privately for months to
try to come up with a new set of pictures
that would be unique. I'm really excited about
this show. I've really stretched, as far as the
subject matter is concerned. There will be
topics on display that I've been too sensitive
to touch before."

She notes that many of her images have "a backstory"
and invites attendees to ask her about these, but
also adds that some are just pure whimsy.
Aside from the April 12th opening, Shoshana will be
available for additional "meet-the-artist" events
during the month:
Thursday, April 17th at 4pm;
Sunday, April 20th at 5am;
Tuesday, April 22nd at 4pm; and
Tuesday, April 29th at 4pm (all times SLT).

Shoshana Epsilon'™s images can be purchased both on
an exclusive basis in-world (only one copy of the
image exists), and as high-quality real-world prints.
As always, there is a "freebie" framed graphic by our
featured artist available across from the gallery
welcome desk.
Avatrait gallery,

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Shoshana Epsilon said...

I'm glad you could come. I had a great time!