Thursday, April 3, 2008

The moment of truth...Virtual Worlds 2008

"The biggest conference about the virtual worlds will start today in New York City. 1150 experts of 624 companies will be present. We can expect some news and announcements about technological developments, media, marketing, business and not at the least jurisdiction in virtual environment." (free translation of

I was trying to read more about this conference, but at the time that I was writing this post, hilariously, I was not able to enter the website of the Apparently the whole virtual community has the same diseases as the people at Linden Lab.
Probably the website is lindened! ;) ( something made worse than it was before) (Montana Corleone's idea in a comment on the official blog)
I hope this is not what we have to expect of the virtual world in the future. But certainly something to watch out for...

Update...(finally reached the site)
some interesting points to be discussed:
Thursday , April 3rd
Intellectual Property Enforcement

Trademark and copyright issues abound in virtual worlds. Join us for a discussion on enforcement of IP rights in the virtual world. What does the Digital Millennium Copyright Act mean for virtual world users and providers? When is litigation necessary? Can infringers become a brand's allies? These questions are arising in boardrooms of companies with virtual world presences every day. This focused discussion will prepare you to address them.

Moderator: Benjamin Duranski, Intellectual Property Attorney, Author Virtual Law

Friday, April 4th
Advertising Strategies In Virtual Worlds
As in any successful advertising and sponsorship campaign, brands need to associate themselves with high quality virtual worlds content that allows them to engage with consumers effectively and on their own terms. In 2007's rush to participate in virtual worlds, many brands forgot that principle and hurried to build their own virtual world identities only to remember that they weren't in the content business. This session provides detailed insight on how to create successful advertising and sponsorship strategies within virtual worlds and achieve your objectives.

In the panel: Antony van Zyl, Managing Director Simuality (the sim where the Avatrait gallery is located)

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