Wednesday, April 2, 2008 is a continuous process of learning.

I started in January 2007 on the grid, and was looking for some challenges. As I was already, from my younger days, an amateur photographer, it was obvious that I would be a photographer in the virtual world too.
Only this kind of photographing was totally different. The compositions stay the same, but the possibilities to move your camera are enormous. The only thing, at the beginning is, to figure out how all these tricks work.
Slowly I managed to learn the tricks on the grid, but saw that colleagues photographers could make their pictures so much more beautiful, with a little touch of post processing.
Although I must admit, that taking pictures without post processing can also be amazing, as you, as a photographer, have the eye to compose your picture in such a way, that it won't need any additional work.
Now I was interested in that post processing. I worked at the time with Paint Shop pro 7 and knew that program pretty well, but saw that there were limits. By surfing on the web I discovered that many people were talking about Photoshop, which was totally new to me. I did not know it before, only that it could not be that different from PSP.
That was my next step and challenge, to start learning to work with Photoshop, as the most tutorials I found were about Photoshop. Little by little, after buying the product, I learned many tricks and tips in PS. Growing each day a little more, I tried it over and over again, on a new picture, but still not realizing, those days, what PS really could do.
Today I may say that I will never know everything about PS. There are just no limits. For me there are still so many tools unknown, that I realize that I will never be able to learn them all. But I am still trying, and succeeding, to learn, every day again, that new trick, new tool, new tutorial that brings me one step ahead, and makes my picture just that little bit more, what the picture needs.
So, I can say, that through the virtual world, I was able to achieve some progress in my skills of making the pictures a little bit more looking like an artwork, which makes my being in this unreal world worthy.

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