Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another weekend in and out SL®

What was happening this weekend in Second life? I visited the show of Corbett Howard at the Avatrait gallery, but apparently everybody had trouble with a terrible lag. The fire works were like square grey boxes going up. I did not wait for the party, as I had seen enough grey persons at that time. I went back the day after, and could see Corbett's work much better. I even tried his pose at the streetlight. Don't hesitate to visit the gallery!!

LL also announced a totally new sim, Bay City, which I thought was worthwhile to visit and take some snapshots. But that was without thinking about those lagproblems, as I waited for almost half an hour and still not all the buildings were rezzed, unfortunately. So I need to try that once again.
This all meant that I was running out of pictures to post process. Not that I was in need of that urgently, as the weather was too nice to be busy behind my screen. Nevertheless I thought it was a good time to learn and try some things out.
As I told before on this, my main activities are not to surf to all the blogs anymore, as I did before, I just keep some in my RSS feed, but I try to find out new techniques in Photoshop.
And while exercising with tutorials next to me, starting over and over again, until I know what to do, and till the desired quality is almost reached, my skills are improving.
Little by little I am beginning to learn more possibilities in PS, like making your own brush, your own action. I am still an amateur, as I don't have enough time to explore and try it all, but we have the time, no stress, and still like doing it, trying to ignore the competition, but rather to learn from them.


Winter said...

Now, don't you look good under that lamp!
And hanging on a rainbow upside down seems to be a lovely way to spend the weekend :)

Looker Lumet said...

yes it is a lovely way to spend the weekend, especially when you do that after having a few beers on a terrace in the naked sun.;))