Friday, May 23, 2008

Art is coming to real life

The exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale (Virtual Renaissance) which will open at the Museum of Natural History of Florence October 21, 2008-January 7, 2009

Some colleagues photographers/artists will show their work at this exhibition. It is a great opportunity to show the creativity of some artists in real life too, as they would probably never had the chance to do so, when they were not registered in Second Life®.

As Avatrait will be represented by Track Hax in Italy, it means that every artist of the gallery will be having some works to show, including me, so I was told by Track.

I have still some time to think it over, as I have already visited Florence once, but it would be nice to visit it again and meeting so many colleagues/friends in real life.


Sebcaen Ulysses said...

C'est une opportunité qui ne se loupe pas :)

Je serais là bas aussi :p

Looker Lumet said...

mmm,alors je dois peut-être décider afin d'aller, si j'obtiens le congé
au travail.:)) J'ai encore le temps....