Thursday, May 29, 2008

Art Walk III

Just as in the past years, there is again an Art Walk this year, starting today.

Art Walk III starts today, Thursday May 29th and runs through the weekend ending the evening of June 1st.

Artists placed their works at 3 designated areas located on the Raglan Shire, Heron Shire Wharf and Raglan Commons sims.
Each Area has Teleport Kiosks that people can touch to instantly transport to the Art Walk Areas so anyone can get to any of the areas easily.

1/Second Life® Prim SCULPTURE (build) based Art at the Raglan Commons area.
This is a HUGE 8192 sqm Area where all sculpture and prim based art will be displayed.

2/Second Life® "FLAT BASED" Art... IE: Paintings, watercolors, charcoals, drawings, photography, SL based Photography at the Raglan Shire Art Walk location, located on the South East Corner of the sim .
There are hedgerows about this area. There is a hill with hedgerows at the top, where I have put my works btw, hedgerow below the hill, hedgerow on the paths & surrounding the Paw & Whisker Tavern.

3/The next location where "Flat Based" Artworks are displayed is the Wharf & Coastal fortress area on Heron Shire .
This area at the base of the Coastal fortress on the Wharf shopping area has a series of Blue tinted transparent Glass walls where artists have placed "Flat Based" works against.

Over 70 artists will show their works in this years' Art Walk, so don't miss this event, and have a look at the wonderful creations they made.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

OMG!! Thank you for letting me know abotu this - it sounds like a great event!!!! I am very excited to attend.

Joonie Jatho said...

Looker! I missed it! arghh! Is it over?

Looker Lumet said...

Joonie, you should perhaps visit my blog more often.;)) but you still can visit the Art Walk this week, so I was told. At least my pictures are still hanging there.;))

Thank you Tymmerie, I hope you liked it, after being kissed so many times, ;))

Zayn Till said...

Hey Looker, I just wanted to thank you for showing your works at The Artwalk (III) a few weeks back.

Everyone was really pleased with everything displayed about the sims. Hopefully next time (Tentatively planned for November) we can have even more art on display for people to come and appreciate :)